Ask us to resend your eGift card or digital voucher

If you have been sent an eCode (a code with 16 numbers in it) and swapped it for an eGift card or an electronic voucher, you will receive it by email within 24 hours. Please also check the junk mail folder in your email account. The email will be sent to the email address you entered at the online checkout.

If your email address is correct and you have not had the eGift card or digital voucher after 24 hours, please complete this form to ask us to send it to you again.

  • Email address - this should be the same as the one you entered at the checkout
  • eCode - this is the code with 16 numbers that you entered online to swap for the eGift card or digital voucher
  • Order reference number - this can be found on your order confirmation email under ‘Order Details’ if
  • you have one

    If the details you have provided match our records, the eGift card or digital voucher will be resent to you within 24 hours.

    If the details do not match, it could take a bit longer as we will need to investigate further to ensure we send you the correct eGift card or digital voucher.