Ask us to resend your Select eCode(s)

If you have been sent an eCode by email and it has not arrived, please also check the junk mail folder in your email account. The email will come from and the eCode will contain 16 numbers.

If the email address that was used to send the original eCode to you is correct, please complete this form to ask us to send it to you again.

Please make sure you enter the same email address that you believe the original eCode was sent to. If the email address does not match the email address in our systems or you need to send the eCode to a different email address, we cannot resend this to you for security reasons. You will need to contact the original sender so they can cancel the eCode and send you a new one. This may be your employer, school, local authority or any other organisation that ordered the eCode for you.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive all unredeemed eCodes relating to that email address within 24 hours.

Please carefully complete the details below. Any mistakes could mean a delay in us being able to resend your eCode(s).